Too Faced Born This Way vs. Peach Perfect Foundation

Too Faced Born this way concealer

When choosing a foundation, the most important thing is how it works for you and your skin.  Your location, climate, length of wear, and your specific skin type are all factors to consider when choosing the optimal product.  

born this way vs. peach perfect matte foundations on pink background

Today, I’m sharing comparisons between the same brand, but different products of matte foundation.  I love the Too Faced line and wanted to see which foundation worked best for me down here in my super hot, humid climate in Louisiana to be able to give the best recommendation and review.

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If you are familiar with Peach Perfect and want to know my thoughts on how the new Born This Way Matte Foundation compares, here are some highlights:

too faced born this way matte foundation review

You may be wondering, should I try Born This Way Natural or Born This Way Matte? If you have dry or normal skin, personally I think you’ll prefer the Born This Way Natural Foundation. If you like a glowy look, The Natural Foundation is for you!

Overall, I liked the look of the new Born This Way Matte foundation.  It was light & easy to apply with my sponge (I always recommend a sponge to apply foundation).  You can see my pores with this foundation, but HELLO! We all have pores and the name is “Born This Way”! 

holding born this way matte foundation into camera with blurry background

This foundation did not cover up all of my sun spots. However, it is very natural looking and blends extremely well.  As you can see in the pictures below, if I were to wear a primer it wouldn’t be as shiny after a long day of wear. 

with and without face pictures of foundation
No Flash vs. Flash
this or that matte foundation of born this way and peach perfect foundations

Either of these products could be well liked if you have oily/combination skin.  I will say that $36 for 1.6 oz of product is an unheard of amount, so that is a definite plus.  The fact that the bottles are different and one is easier to travel with is another thing to consider based on your lifestyle and needs.  The Peach Perfect looks great and minimizes pores whereas the Born This Way doesn’t look bad, it looks more natural and like you have pores (duh, we all do!)  

Too Faced carries great beauty products and doesn’t test on animals, which is a huge plus.  To see the full details and to REALLY see which one you should purchase, check out my full video below. All products used and shown are below the video! You can also click here to take the skin type quiz! 


Too Faced Born This Way Matte Foundation Natural Beige Sephora |Too Faced

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation Sephora | Too Faced

Too Faced Plump & Prime Ulta | Too Faced

Primers I tried & liked with this foundation:

Hourglass Veil (Beautylish) | Sephora

TF Hangover (Ulta) | Sephora

Shiseido Waso at Sephora

No Poreblem (Ulta) | Sephora

Powders I tried & liked with this foundation:

Nikkia Joy

It Bye Bye Pores

Lancome Long Time No Shine

Sponge used

What I’m Wearing:



Bracelet from the fall box Use code STEPH for $10 off your first box!


Eyes x Mel Thompson Tiny Marvels Palette

Blush in Inhibition Sephora | Beautylish

Bronzer in Tantastic

Brows in Deep

Lips in JK Magic



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