Top Summer Fashion Trends for 2024

Top Summer Fashion Trends for 2024

The summer season is here, which means it’s time to share some of my favorite summer trends for 2024! Summer is the perfect season to step out of your comfort zone and try fresh new pieces. The latest summer fashion trends are full of bold patterns, denim, statement pieces, and fun accessories. I had a lot of fun putting this blog post together and am excited to add some fun new finds to my own summer wardrobe! Let me know in the comments which summer fashion trend you’re most excited about!

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Denim Everything

Denim is a classic staple for all seasons and will forever be in style. It’s hitting especially hard this summer. The best part about denim is how versatile and easy to style it is. How fun are these flirty, feminine Dolce Vita denim mules?! They would be perfect for date night dinner and drinks or a night out with the girls. And this denim top and midi dress are ideal for brunch with the girls! All of the above pieces would be great additions to your closet this season. Denim-on-denim is going to be a big look for the summer. Don’t be shy when it comes to denim!

Statement Accessories

Accessories are key to styling a chic outfit. Chunky necklaces like this Metallic Chainlink necklace, oversized earrings, colorful rings- my favorite example is the Plaza Ring from Dean Davidson (that I wear often), and stackable bracelets are all the rage! Adding statement jewelry to a plain outfit can make you look like you spent way more effort on it than you actually did!

Let’s not forget hats. They’re not just functional for sun protection. They can also add dramatic flair and a statement to your outfit. This fantastic hat is so adorable and perfect for summer! Accessorizing can elevate and bring even the most basic outfit together!

Bold Colors + Patterns

Summer is the perfect time to add some POP to your wardrobe. A current trend we’re seeing a lot of right now is making a full outfit out of a single color or from shades of a single color to make a monochromatic statement. You can do this easily with pieces you already have in your wardrobe.

On the other hand, expect to see bright colors + prints (from animal to tropical) all over the streets. The Delany Dress from Tuckernuck is an easy way to make a classy statement while not spending too much time on your outfit. I love styling a fun patterned dress with cute heels or sandals for dinner or even a summer wedding!

Summer Fabrics

Layering with all types of flowy fabrics will be very popular. From sheer dresses to tops and skirts, this offers a playful yet sophisticated, chic look. Crochet is an excellent way to create a stylish look for a beach day. A great example is with this Crochet Midi Dress. Always a classic, linen will also be a frontrunner this season. Linen is a breathable material, especially for those hotter summer months. These linen trousers can easily be dressed up or down and are a great summer staple! I have seen linen material in so many pieces lately, from dresses to tops to pants. It’s been a favorite summer material of mine for a long time.

Cut-Outs + Asymmetry

Pieces with strategic cut-outs add a modern twist. These playful pieces are a great way to expand your wardrobe in a tasteful chic way. You can find many tasteful dresses with cut-out details, like this short sleeve midi in a beautiful blue shade with a breezy summer feel. I’ve always loved fashion pieces with asymmetry that give a slight twist to a classic look. So naturally this sweater tank caught my eye immediately with its fun asymmetric look.

Summer is the perfect time to venture out of your comfort zone and have some fun trying a new style! Most of these pieces can be used as statements or additions to your everyday wardrobe. Whether experimenting with different denim looks or showing off your new cut-out dress, I encourage you to find what makes you feel your best. I hope you enjoyed this post! Happy summer!


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