10 MUST HAVE Amazon Products That Will Change Your Life!

Amazon Must haves

Today I am sharing 10 Must-Have Amazon products that could potentially be life-changing. I know that’s a huge claim but some of these have truly blown me away! You never know what you’re going to get when you order from Amazon, so I always love curating what I find and sharing the best of the best with you.

Chi Spin & Curl

For starters, let’s talk about the Chi Spin & Curl! I’ve been eyeing this product for months now. I finally bit the bullet, and I’m so glad I did. The first night I got it, I was getting ready to wash my hair and decided I was going to just test a couple of curls. I was so impressed right at that very moment, and I immediately knew this was going to be a favorite product. I texted my 17-year-old who always has the hardest time curling her hair and getting a curl that will hold. I told her that I found a product that is going to change her life, and I don’t say that lightly.

There is a learning curve with this like there is with any hair appliance, but once you get it, it’s so easy. There’s even text on one side that tells you to place that side towards your head. You simply take about a half-inch to an inch section of hair and put it right through the middle of the indentation. Then you hit the button in the direction you want your curl to go. The spinner then spins. If it gets tangled (which is rare), it’ll let you know with a beep. Mine got tangled a couple of times, but it doesn’t hurt whatsoever, and you can get it right out. Once it’s around the barrel, you lift your finger and you just let it sit there until it beeps, and then you let it go. It’s so easy and you have this perfect spiral curl.

I always have the hardest time getting pretty curls around the back of my head. But with this product, it’s so easy! It heats up super quick, has adjustable heat settings, an auto shut-off, and is overall just a really great appliance. Another feature I love is that you can’t burn yourself while using it. I’m still refining my technique, so it’s not really a time saver for me. But as far as getting the lasting curls that I want, it’s a winner!

For a visual tutorial on how to use this, check out my video here!


As we get older, our skin cell turnover slows down. We may moisturize, but we don’t always worry about exfoliating our body like we do our face. Sometimes our deodorant even stops working as well because of that. We can also get little dry flakes, razor bumps, bumps on our arms and legs, etc. It’s really important to exfoliate to keep our skin glowing and healthy looking. You can do chemical exfoliation if you want, but there is something about a good, manual exfoliation that just does amazing things for our skin.

A lot of us are starting to self tan for summer. But whether you’re self tanning or not, an exfoliating mitt is great to have on hand for effective manual body exfoliation. I’ve tried quite a few different exfoliating mitts, and the MicrodermaMitt is the best that I’ve ever tried. Although no soap is needed, I’ve used it with and without. It works either way. I just slip my hand right in it, rub it all over and any dry flakes vanish. My skin feels squeaky clean and smooth when I’m finished. Regular use keeps my skin in premium condition. And because that outer layer of dead skin is gone, my body care products penetrate more deeply and absorb better. They recommend that you use this once a week and replace it every 6 months. I think it’s a fantastic deal and will continue to keep purchasing this. 

Kahi Multi Balm

Many of you who watch my Youtube channel and read this blog are over 40 like I am, and many of you, especially as you get older, deal with dry skin on your face. That’s where Kahi Multi Balm comes in. I think this could be such a game-changer for so many of you that deal with dry skin. This was actually the #1 product from all Korean beauty start-up brands in the past 10 years. Kahi basically created a brand new category of anti-aging skincare in Korea by making it really easy to incorporate skincare into your daily routine.

Kahi Multi-Balm has 3 key ingredients that improve wrinkles and give your skin a natural glow.

  1. Jeju fermented oil: a natural lactic acid and helps with cell turnover 
  2. Filmexel: a natural biofilm that helps smooth the skin helps give your skin a natural glow
  3. Salmon complex: helps hydrate dry skin, improve wrinkles, and helps with skin elasticity

You can use this on all of your dry areas – your face, around your eyes, your lips, and even on your neck and hands…at night, before makeup, after makeup, or if you just want to refresh during the day.

I use this kind of strategically because I have combination skin and not dry skin. So during the day, as opposed to using it all over my face, I use this underneath my eyes where I am dry, on my lips to prep them and fill out my verticle lip lines, and on my horizontal forehead lines that are getting more pronounced. I can also use this all over my face easily at night.

I traveled and flew with this recently, which was great because it minimizes liquids if you have a carry-on. If you have dry skin and you’re looking for something that’s portable and travel-friendly, this really could be a game-changer. Kahi expanded the line to also include a Vitamin C Balm and an Aqua Balm

Stainless Steel Gua Sha

I’ve been more into using Gua Sha tools lately for lymphatic drainage, lifting, and depuffing my face. I like to do it in the mornings because I can tell the difference between when I do it versus when I don’t. Most Gua Sha tools are stone, jade, or rose quartz. But I decided to randomly grab this stainless steel one I came across. It’s great to travel with since it’s more durable than a stone gua sha. Plus it comes in a handy travel pouch.

It also stays cool longer than stone gua sha tools do. You can keep it in the freezer if you want but I find that that’s not necessary. If I want to keep it cold, I just dip it under the cold water from my faucet periodically while I’m using it, and it works perfectly…no freezer or refrigeration needed. It takes up virtually no room if I want to travel with it and I don’t have to worry about it breaking either. This is a small little game-changer for me, but it’s still a game changer!

Julep Beauty Cream Powdered Eyeshadow Sticks

Julep Beauty Cream Powdered Eyeshadow Sticks are $15 each, available in several different shades, and are incredible for the price point. I have Champagne Shimmer, Silver Moonlight Metallic, and Taupe Shimmer. What’s unique about these is that there’s a little blender sponge on the end, so you don’t need a separate blending brush. The sponge is a little bit dense, so you want to use a lighter hand. I can also blend these out easily with my finger. If I want to diffuse them a little bit more, I still use a brush just like I do with any stick eyeshadow.

These glide on my lids beautifully, give me enough time to work with them. The texture is beautiful! They have both matte and shimmer shades, don’t crease, and have great lasting power. If you have super oily lids, you may want to apply a primer first, but I haven’t had any issues. These eyeshadow sticks are so great and there’s a huge shade selection on Amazon. You can just throw one in your cart and get a great “one and done” look in a few seconds. 

Swisspers Premium Oval Cotton Round Pads

This product might seem kind of silly when we are talking life-changing products or must-have products. But for years, so many people told me to try these. Yet for some reason I just didn’t. Now that I have, I’m thinking I could have saved so much money so long ago. The Swisspers Premium Oval Cotton Round Pads are for skin care, cleansing, makeup removal, or whatever you want to use them for. They’re soft, thick, strong, and they don’t leave pieces behind. With a lot of cotton rounds or cotton balls, you get some shedding, which can be very annoying. That’s one reason I’ve been such a fan of Shiseido cotton squares which are much more pricey. Swisspers are so much more economical, get the job done, and are game-changers for me!  

Tommie Copper Infrared Neck Wrap

I know that some of you, like me, sit at a desk a lot during the day. This leads to neck, shoulder, or upper back pain. I’ve been to PT for my neck and shoulder issues and am in a maintenance phase right now. But sometimes, no matter what I do, the pain creeps up on me. I read recently how red light therapy can help with pain relief by stimulating blood flow. These types of devices are supposed to help with muscle and joint aches, stiffness, and pains by providing an increase in blood circulation. I started doing some research for something that could really help not just for the neck but also the back. That’s when I found the Tommie Copper Infrared Neck Wrap. I’ve heard of the brand before and knew it was reputable but didn’t really know what it was all about.

Now, this is a pricier product. But when it comes to maintaining and relieving pain, I will pay because I don’t want to have to deal with pain on a daily basis. If it works, it’s worth it to me. This product fits over my neck area. It wraps around and velcros to itself. And let me tell you, this Velcro sticks! You just press the power button until the light comes on. It will stay on for 20 minutes and then it turns off by itself. You can use it up to three times a day. The power is 880nm infrared light with a red light wavelength of 660nm. You would never be able to convince me to return this because I have noticed relief from using it just once a day. There are other body applications of Tommie Copper Wraps if you’re interested, other LED shoulder brands and styles, and other LED neck styles and brands as well.


I get really tight, hard knots in my shoulder and back area that are really hard to work out – even for a professional. I’ve been that way for as long as I can remember, so I finally bought a Theragun. I don’t normally recommend super pricey Amazon products, but this is a case where I make an exception. I know there are so many people, whether it’s from fitness or from being stationary that have consistent pain issues or knots. And there are certain products where you truly get what you pay for. So going with a good and reliable brand/product is invaluable. Because Theragun is THE brand to go with for this type of product, it’s what I know and recommend. The model I have is the elite model which you don’t have to choose, of course. Anything they make is top-notch.

This has been a true life-changer for me. There are so many companies that make these types of devices, but the reason why I’m a big fan of the Theragun design, in particular, is because they have a special triangular handle that allows me to reach around and get the area I need on my back. A lot of other devices are shaped like an L, which doesn’t allow the same reach. They also don’t have nearly the same power or the same adjustability. Also, most of them are so loud that you can hear them from outside. The Theragun is the priciest product in this haul, but it’s been so worth it for me because it has helped me so much. The Theragun I have has different attachments, which I love because you can really customize it to various body parts. It also has a really nice case where you can store everything.  For a few other Therapy Gun options, see here!

Single Shoe Pouches

It takes me a long time to pack for trips because I like things very organized. I don’t like packing shoes against other items in my suitcase so I usually enclose them in bags. But it seems like all travel shoe bags are made for pairs of shoes. Yet it’s not always functional to pack a pair together because of the way things fit inside a suitcase. So I started wondering if there were single shoe pouches. The thought came to me when I started noticing the reusable single shoe pouches that encase the dress shoes my husband and son buy. I thought surely they would have something like that Amazon…something I could use to pack single shoes in so that I could separate them in my suitcase.

Well, I found some! You don’t have to just use them for shoes, you can use them for anything you want. They’re soft with drawstrings. They’re great for shoes, sneakers, and men’s shoes. If you’re particular packing like I am or if you’ve randomly been looking for something like this, Amazon has it and it’s changed my packing game! 

Amazon Sweaters

I recently ordered this sweater (XS) and several others from Amazon for a girl’s trip to New York recently. I intended to keep the ones that worked and send the ones that didn’t back, but I ended up keeping the entire haul. All of them, except for one, were under $40. I just don’t know any other retailer where I can buy that many sweaters for that price that will last more than a season! I’m actually really impressed with the quality of the sweaters that I received. Here are the links to each of them, as well as the sizes that I ordered.

I’ve been very happy with all of these Amazon products and I was able to save some money by getting them here instead of other retailers that I normally shop from.

Maybelline Super Stay Vinyl Ink Longwear No-Budget Liquid Lipcolor (bonus item)

I’m so picky about liquid lipsticks. I can count on one hand the number I actually like. Most are unflattering if you have any lip lines. They also feel and look drying as you wear them. I’ve yet to find a true, budge-proof product from the drugstore that truly impresses me. But the viral Maybelline Super Stay Vinyl Ink Longwear No-Budget Liquid Lipcolor is the exception. The shade that I have been using is Peachy. This liquid lip color applies perfectly, even without a lip liner since the tip of the brush is stiff. It has a bit of a sheen to it so it doesn’t look too matte or flat. It doesn’t make my lips look or feel dry, is flatting, and comfortable…even as the day goes on. For all of you liquid lipstick haters like me, you may want to check these out. They’re really hard to find right now and even have a bit of a wait from amazon – but it’s worth it!!

I hope you try and love some of these! For more MUST-HAVES of mine, see my Top 10 Beauty Must-Haves here!


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  1. Jennifer
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    I LOVE the Julep shadow sticks too!! They are simply perfect and long lasting. I actually ordered another shade yesterday!

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