THE BEST & WORST NEW Foundations For Mature Skin 2022 | FOUNDATION ROUNDUP | Part One

best and worst foundations for mature skin

In today’s foundation round-up, I have several new foundation releases to review and give you my thoughts on…foundations of different types and at different price points. I’m also sharing what skin types I think would benefit the most from each!

Chanel Number One de Chanel Revitalizing Foundation

This new Chanel foundation is available in 20 shades. I’m in the shade B30, which is described as light-medium with neutral, golden undertones. I’m typically B30 in most Chanel foundations, and I’ve had great luck with Chanel overall, so I was expecting a lot from this.

The Chanel Number One de Chanel Revitalizing Foundation is supposed to offer buildable coverage and give a nice luminous finish. Its ingredients include red chamomile oil, which is supposed to help with the skin’s barrier function and allow it to feel extra comfortable on the skin. It also has moisturizing ingredients and is supposed to soften the skin and help prevent environmental stressors. It is designed so that your complexion appears plumper and healthier looking. I would say its consistency is medium and it blends out really easily! Any application method you choose will turn out beautifully, but I prefer to use a damp sponge.

I would say it gives a natural, radiant finish before I set it with powder. After I set it, it leaves my skin with a natural, healthy-looking finish. It’s not matte, yet not dew-y either. It just gives healthy-looking skin. I have found this is buildable from light-medium to medium coverage, and it feels lightweight all day.

About three hours in, my skin looks natural and healthy. It’s not too radiant for my combination skin. At the end of the day, I have a little bit more shine than I typically like, but it still doesn’t look greasy. I think this is a great foundation for any skin type. If you want some coverage but still want your skin to look like skin, Chanel does this really well. I’ve had great luck with all of the foundations I’ve tried from them. They consistently give me the type of coverage and the type of finish I want while allowing my skin to look like skin. And Chanel Number One de Chanel is no exception.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Perfector 4 in 1 Whipped Matte Makeup

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Perfector 4 in 1 Whipped Matte Makeup is $14.99 for .68 ounces, so you’re not getting a full fluid ounce here – just something to note. There are 6 self-adjusting shades. My shade is 02 light-medium, but it runs a little bit dark.

This foundation claims to give you the look of primer, concealer, mattifying powder, and BB cream all in one. It has a very thick, whipped consistency to it, which I don’t typically have good luck with because products with that consistency pick up on any dryness on my face. However, this blended in really nicely. It blurs my pores and leaves a soft, matte finish. I would say the coverage is light, but because it blurs, it almost seems like it has a little bit more coverage than it does. It also feels lightweight.

I would say I get about 4-5 hours of really nice wear out of this depending on what the weather is doing and how humid it is. If it’s really humid, I would say it lasts maybe 3.5-4 hours. If it’s not humid outside, which is rare here, I could get closer to 5 before it starts to completely break down. I test all of these products out with primer, without primer, with different powders, but it didn’t matter if I wore a primer, or didn’t wear a primer, it did the same thing. I always set my foundation with powder because it will wear away otherwise and I’ll get shine break-through. It’s just the way my skin is – you may be different. Powder and primer just did not help me with this foundation.

I would say if you have normal to oily skin and you want a foundation (or a tint) that’s going to give you just light skin-evening coverage that you only need to wear for a few hours, this looks really nice. I’m not so sure about really dry skin because of the texture. Since it leaves more of a matte finish, I think there are better products out there that dry skin people would prefer. For me, this started out pretty promising, but it fell apart after a few hours.

BareMinerals Bare Pro Powder Foundation

bareMinerals - BAREPRO 16-HR Skin-Perfecting Powder Foundation Fair 15 Warm 0.2 oz/ 8g Clean at Sephora

BareMinerals reformulated their Bare Pro Powder Foundation, and a lot of you have been asking me to test this out. The newly reformulated Bare Minerals Bare Pro 16 Hour Skin Perfecting Powder Foundation is $35 for .2 ounces. Keep in mind the ounces are going to be vastly different from liquid foundations because it’s a powder. It is available in 35 shades – I am shade light 25 warm. This new formulation is talc-free, and I don’t believe it was before. It claims to help your skin improve over time and control oil and shine for 24 hours. Bare Minerals also claims this foundation to be sweat and humidity-resistant, transfer-proof, and good for sensitive skin. It is also cruelty-free and vegan.

The first thing I noticed when I dipped my brush into the compact is that it’s more powdery than the previous formula. I got some powder kick-up, which isn’t a deal-breaker. I can simply tap my brush off before I apply it to my face. It applies very quickly and very easily the way powder foundation does. You can use a brush or a sponge with this. When I dust it on with a brush, I get some really nice coverage. I always like to go in with a sponge after applying a powder foundation because it helps it adhere to the skin longer, plus you can get a little bit more coverage where you need it. You can use this powder foundation wet or dry.

I was surprised at the soft matte finish. It doesn’t look powdery despite that powder kick-up situation in the beginning. It gives medium-full to full coverage and feels light-weight and looks flattering on the skin. About 3.5 hours in, it’s still melded in with my skin and looks really nice. Towards the end of the day, I do have some more shine but my makeup is fully intact. I do find that I have to blot with this a couple of times during the day as it doesn’t keep me shine-free in my T zone the way that it claims it will. That happens whether or not I wear a primer underneath it.

I do think this is a powder foundation that any skin type could wear. I think dry skin would probably find it flattering since it doesn’t look like powder and you can apply it either with a brush or sponge. Oily/combination skin people – it will depend on whether or not you mind touching up during the day. Is this is my favorite powder foundation in the world? No, but I did like it. I don’t think that I like it as much as the old formulation though. I really did like that one a lot, but this one falls somewhere in the middle for me with powder foundations.

Dior Forever Skin Glow Foundation

Dior revamped both of their Forever Foundations to be clean. Starting with the Dior Forever Skin Glow Foundation: it retails for $52 for one ounce and is available in 42 shades. My shade is 2.5 N. Dior claims this foundation provides 24-hour transfer-proof wear. This product has skincare ingredients, is supposed to be good for your skin, and has a radiant finish.

The consistency is pretty runny, and it applies very, very quickly. I prefer to apply with a damp sponge the way I do most of my medium/medium-full coverage foundations. I don’t find this product to be super pore-blurring – while it helps my pores look slightly better, it doesn’t completely airbrush them. It gives medium coverage, feels very light-weight, and looks very pretty on the skin. It’s a radiant foundation, so it’s a little bit more radiant than what I prefer in a foundation.

I did find that I have to touch up with this quite a bit during the day. This isn’t ideal for me, with my combination/oily skin. I recommend this for normal to dry skin people who want a foundation that is going to give a pretty naturally radiant skin look with medium coverage you can wear during the day.

Interested in the new clean Dior Forever Matte Foundation or any of the remaining three foundations I tested out? I’ll be sharing the rest in Part 2, so stay tuned! Or you can head to my full review of all the foundations and see the applications and wear tests here. You can also check out all of my foundation reviews here or read about the 5 Best Skin-Like Foundations here.



  1. Stephanie
    October 3, 2022 / 8:54 pm

    Just curious: Where do you live that is rarely not humid?

    From another Stephanie Marie

  2. September 2, 2022 / 11:33 am

    For mature skin, you never use powder of any kind! To set your makeup, use a primer before you apply. I would rather use rice paper to gently blot any extra oil. Oily skin is a mature woman’s friend! Never ever use products with fragrances. That means they have alcohol in them. What does alcohol do? It dries out your face. Powdered anything is a no-no. It can show any little crease or line.

    • Amy
      October 13, 2022 / 10:25 pm

      What do you recommend for bronzer and blush if not a powder?

      • Theresa L Maltby
        January 10, 2023 / 1:19 pm

        You can use a cream blusher or stick. For bronzer, I like Laura Gellar’s bronze primer.

  3. Kim Myers
    March 25, 2022 / 8:35 am

    Stephanie, I love your reviews and follow you regularly. In your foundation reviews could you address whether it has a fragrance ? I’m so prone to redness and subsequent migraines from them. 🥴

    • Stephanie Marie
      March 27, 2022 / 9:50 pm

      Yes I normally do that but sometimes get derailed! Thank you!

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