Natural Makeup Tutorial for Good Skin…UP CLOSE

Natural Makeup Tutorial

I don’t usually do blog posts dedicated to my recent videos. But so many viewers found this natural makeup look so realistic and helpful, I wanted to share it and some screen shots here for you. The new Pat McGrath Foundation is perfect to use for this makeup look because it takes on a natural skin texture and finish.

None of these photos have been filtered or altered in any way all use natural lighting. Keep in mind these photos are in motion so there will be some blur. You can see what’s going on more clearly in the video.

natural highlighter natural makeup tutorial

I chose to do an aesthetic, relaxing zoomed-in style of video where I show you how to achieve even, glowing skin and an everyday, natural, good skin makeup look using lighter coverage products.

Pat McGrath Skin Fetish System
The Pat McGrath Skin Fetish System

The Pat McGrath Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Foundation is beautiful if you enjoy a natural skin look to your makeup. I feel so lucky to have been able to partner with Pat McGrath for the video! (Note: this blog post is not sponsored.)

Pat McGrath Foundation Tutorial

The Pat McGrath Foundation in shade 10 seems to warm up and meld with my skin even more after application as I’m applying the rest of my makeup. To see all of my foundation shades, go here. I have more details and shots of the application in the video.

Pat McGrath Foundation Tutorial
Foundation applied on left side of photo (not directly under eyes) but not on the right (yet).

In a nutshell, the Pat McGrath Foundation can build from sheer to light/medium coverage which is ideal for a natural makeup or if you want to even out your skin tone yet still allow your skin to show through a bit.

Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Concealer 3.5

Here I’m applying Armani Power Fabric Concealer because it has an extremely natural finish yet hydrates and covers well, which is important when you’re going for a natural good skin makeup look. Click here to see my concealer shades.  

To spot conceal (only where needed), I use BareMinerals Bare Pro stick concealer which is very creamy and easy to apply. You can see this step in the video. Spot concealing is necessary for this type of look since you’re not going for full skin coverage with your foundation.

Natural Makeup Tutorial how to apply cream blush
Applying Lilah B. Divine Duo in B Real

I love using cream or liquid blush for natural makeup looks because I feel they look so much more natural, glowy and “lit-from-within” than powder blushes do. I love formulas that apply easily both under or over powders because they’re so versatile.

natural makeup tutorial

The Pat McGrath Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection setting powder in light medium looks incredibly natural under my eyes (dry) and on my face (oily/combo). You can see how I apply to both areas in the video as I use different methods for each. I love how skin like and beautiful my face looks even though it’s powdered!

how to apply bronzer natural makeup tutorial

As always, to give more life and dimension to the face I apply my bronzer where the sun naturally hits my face and highlighter to give a beautiful glow to natural-looking skin.

watermelon glow facial mist natural makeup tutorial

To make things extra skin-like, I like to use a hydrating mist like Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist to really meld everything together and make the skin look really seamless and beautiful.

Natural Makeup Tutorial

After applying my lip products and assessing the situation, I felt like I wanted to layer my blush a little bit. So I added a bit of glowy powder blush on top which can help with longevity and give an even more dimensional “lit from within” look. Buxom Seychelles is one of my favorites lately for a natural makeup look! To see the rest of the product used, like what’s on my brows, eyes and lips, head here to see the video and the description box where every product is listed!

I hope you enjoyed this natural everyday good skin makeup look as much as I enjoyed making it!


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  1. August 2, 2020 / 5:51 am

    So detailed! I really love the way you explained the tutorial. Thanks for sharing.

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