Trunk Club vs Stitch Fix | A Comparison and Trunk Club Unboxing

Trunk Club vs Stitch Fix | A Comparison and Trunk Club Unboxing

Are you frustrated with Stitch Fix and looking for other options? Perhaps you’re just curious about Trunk Club. Either way, this video will give you the difference between Stitch Fix and Trunk Club based on my experiences with both. I compare and contrast the frequency of shipments, styling fee and discounts, profile, returns, stylist integration and feedback, clothing styles and overall cost. I also include my first Trunk Club unboxing.

I hope you find this somewhat helpful whether you’re trying to select a subscription box service or are trying to decide to switch to a different one.


The first thing to note is the frequency. With Stitch Fix, you can set up auto shipments or decide when you want each shipment to be delivered. It’s extremely flexible and at your fingertips with the app and online. With Trunk Club, there are no auto shipments. You communicate to your stylist if you’re ready for a new trunk or not or if you want regular shipments.

Styling Fee & Discounts

Stitch Fix has a $20 styling fee per fix which is applied towards any item you keep from your fix. If you decide to keep all five items in your fix, you receive a 25% discount off the entire fix. I feel like this is a pretty good deal in the end and pushes people to end up keeping the entire fix when ordinarily they might have only kept 3-4 of the items. It often works out to be less to keep all five than it does to send back just one or two.

Trunk Club used to be free but now has a $25 styling fee unless you use your Nordstrom card. Because Trunk Club is solely contracted through Nordstrom, your fee is waived if you use your Nordstrom card. If you don’t have a Norstrom Card, your $25 fee is applied towards anything you purchase. Unlike Stitch Fix, there is no discount for keeping the entire trunk. However, because you receive 10-15 items per trunk, that would be a lot to keep all at once!

Profile & Number of Items

Both companies have profiles for you to feel out regarding your style, sizes, prices, etc. Stitch Fix sends five items per Fix. Trunk Club sends 10-15 items. So you get a lot more to play with and choose from, which (in my opinion) justifies the extra $5 styling fee.


With Stitch Fix, you have three days to decide on your items. You’re sent a large prepaid envelope in which to return any unwanted items. You can drop off at any US post office or arrange for a pick up. Trunk Club sends a prepaid label to attach to the original box along with tape strips. You arrange for UPS pickup after the five day window of try on time is finishes.

Stylist Interation & Feedback

This, to me, is the biggest difference in the two styling services. With Stitch Fix, you send notes prior to each fix and feedback after a fix is completed. They have access to your pinterest boards and your profile. There is no direct contact with your stylist other than one way communication through a note sent from them in each fix.

I had no idea Trunk Club operated the way they do until I signed up with them. I probably would have done it long ago had I known! When you sign up, you’re assigned to a stylist who contacts you through a chat-like format on their website/app. You have back and forth regular communication with them as often as you’d like to! I found the questions she asked and the feedback I was able to give through this format extremely beneficial.

You can adjust pricing as you go with them as well. You’re also sent a preview of items in your trunk before it’s sent. You can have things removed if you don’t like them with notes so they can be replaced with better options before the trunk is sent. This ensures more success because you have feedback in what you get. With Stitchfix, it’s a blind surprise every time. This can be fun and good or very frustrating.


Trunk Club is contracted with Nordstrom so you have basically all of Nordstrom to choose from. In my experience and the experiences I’ve heard from others, Stitch Fix seems to have a much more limited pool of styling options to choose from.

Overall Pricing

Stitch Fix will come out better here. You’re given five items to pick from and a 25% discount if you keep all items. Trunk club sends you double or triple that amount and no discount. So it truly is like a personal styling service for convenience. You receive more items to choose from and thus will probably be tempted to keep more. I also did have a couple of expensive items in my first trunk that I’ve never had in Stitch Fix also.

I think these cover the main differences I see based on my experience with both services. If you’d like to see the video where I elaborate a bit more on the above and show my first Trunk Club unboxing, you can watch it below. I hope you found this helpful!

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  1. March 5, 2024 / 11:37 pm

    “Trunk Club and Stitch Fix are both fantastic options for anyone seeking personalized styling and curated fashion experiences. Trunk Club’s emphasis on premium brands and one-on-one consultations offers a luxurious touch, while Stitch Fix’s algorithm-driven selections and diverse range of price points cater to a broader audience. Ultimately, whether you choose Trunk Club or Stitch Fix, you’re investing in convenience, quality, and confidence in your wardrobe choices.”

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  2. August 9, 2023 / 2:56 am

    Although they are similar, their prices are not the same. They are expensive because of their brand.

  3. Sierra
    June 29, 2018 / 5:50 pm

    Are you still using Trunk Club? If you are, can you post an update?

    • Stephanie Marie
      July 7, 2018 / 8:01 pm

      Once a quarter or so. It hasn’t been exciting enough to do a video on as I’ve mostly been doing it for basics. 🙂

  4. Suzanne
    October 25, 2017 / 8:25 pm

    No body has talked about the quality of clothes. I’ve only received 2 boxes from stitch fix but I can already tell I won’t like the quality of the fabrics for the price of their clothes. Any comments or thoughts on quality? I’m not talking about the premium brands at stitch fix.

    • Stephanie Marie
      October 27, 2017 / 9:33 pm

      Hi Suzanne! They carry a variety of brands. I haven’t had any issues with any of the items I’ve kept. Even the items from a year or so ago are still holding up nicely. 🙂

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