The Best Mascaras for Thin, Straight Lashes?

The Best Mascaras for Thin, Straight Lashes?

I’m super behind on blogging. It’s like I get really rolling with my YouTube channel and with work and life and I just forget to sit down and blog. I guess Jury Duty and going out of town had something to do with it too.

This post is going to link to a video I made comparing mascara combinations that work well for my wimpy, thin, stick-straight lashes that won’t hold a curl to save my life unless I use waterproof mascara. Yesterday I curled my lashes and thought, “hey, why don’t I try this ‘They’re Real’ without putting a waterproof mascara on under it? It’ll be fine!” Nope! I watched as my lashes slowly straightened back out. It’s just so sad. So these are some of my tried-and-true best mascaras for thin lashes.

In this video, the combinations I show are:
Cover Girl Super Sizer (two coats)
Maybelline Lash Sensational (two coats)
Maybelline Lash Sensational + Maybelline Colossal
Maybelline Lash Sensational + Covergirl Lash Blast
Maybelline Full & Soft (two coats)
Maybelline Full & Soft + Lash Blast
Maybelline The Falsies + Maybelline The Falsies
Too Faced Better Than Sex + CG Super Sizer

I also link to my video where I do my mascara tutorial using Too Faced Better Than Sex and show what my lashes look like in their natural state. Here is the video showing all of those combinations!



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