Cargo Tonga vs Tarte Exposed

Cargo Tonga vs Tarte Exposed
 I took a look at both of these universally loved blushes (Cargo Tonga is on the Left, Tarte Exposed is on the Right) to see how they compare and what I like about each of them.

Swatched, you can see they look quite different. Yet when you compare Cargo Tonga with Tarte Exposed you can clearly see they’re both lovely neutrals with Exposed being slightly darker.

Cargo Tonga and Tarte Exposed swatches on arm

Cargo Tonga (left) Tarte Exposed (right)

Cargo Tonga looks so plain in the pan but gives off such a lovely glow on my light/medium warm skin. It shows up way more than it looks like it would based on the swatch or how it looks in the pan. I need to keep this in my blush arsenal for sure.

Cargo Tonga in container

Cargo Tonga

I wish my photo of Tarte Exposed had come out better but you can see it in the video. In a nutshell, both are beautiful neutrals on the skin. I feel like Tonga would work better for light to medium skin while Exposed for light to deeper skin tones.


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