10 Must-Have Amazon Products

amazon must-haves

I am always on the hunt for some new products that I can snag on Amazon. I have recently been obsessed with all these products, and I’m excited to share them with you. So let’s get started with some of my favorite beauty, fashion, and lifestyle must-have Amazon products!

OGX Extra Strength Refresh Restore + Dry Shampoo

When it comes to dry shampoo, I’m usually pretty picky and tend to purchase higher-end products. But this OGX Extra Strenght Refresh Restore + Dry Shampoo is a total game changer for me. This dry shampoo doesn’t leave my scalp itchy or leave a white film on my hair. Plus it smells great! I like to proactively use it at night to absorb oil and get more hair mileage the next day.

Wet n Wild Mega Slicks Lip Gloss

I can not get over how pretty this Wet n Wild Mega Slicks Lip Gloss is! The formula is dreamy with a nourishing feel and a beautiful shine. It has great pigment and contains hyaluronic acid, vegan collagen, and jojoba oil. I love that it isn’t sticky on my lips and has a pleasant, light vanilla scent. If I didn’t know better, I’d think this was high-end – and it’s less than $3!! There are tons of shades to choose from too!

Essie Hard to Resist Nail Strengthener

I recently decided to give my nails a break from dip and acrylic. This Essie Nail Strengthener with a hint of a healthy tint had my nails on a healthy track within a week of using it. The pink tint gives nails that natural shine & glow while neutralizing any yellow tones. It’s great for protecting your nails from everyday damages you may encounter.

Mario Badescu Coconut Body Butter

Mario Badescu Coconut Body Butter was a pleasant surprise to me! This body cream has a light coconut scent that is perfect for summer. If you have dry skin, this cream is amazing. Yet its whipped texture absorbs quickly, so it doesn’t feel heavy on normal or oily skin either. This is a must-have Amazon find that always leaves my skin feeling nourished and hydrated and never greasy.

GBG Women’s Hair Fibers for Thinning Hair & Bald Spots

I’ve noticed lately, since going more towards my natural, darker hair shade, my scalp seems more apparent. It’s not a look I’m loving. This GBG Women’s Hair Fibers for Thinning Hair & Bald Spots is meant for covering up thinning hair or bald spots without looking obvious. It also has keratin for an even more natural look. I’ve been like this at my roots to cover up my light scalp!

SmartMouth Clinical DDS Activated Mouthwash

SmartMouth Clinical Activated Mouthwash helps with gingivitis and bad breath, plus helps prevent other gum diseases. There is a subtle taste that doesn’t burn at all. It has great reviews on Amazon, and I love incorporating it into my everyday routine.

TUMS Chewy Bites Antacid Tablets

If you’re still using the original chalky TUMS, stop and get these instead! TUMS Chewy Bites have been in my life for a while now, and I think everyone needs to know about them. They’re so much better than the old original TUMS. They’re almost like eating candy-coated chewy chocolate candy. These may just be the most enjoyable medicinal product on the market.

One Shoulder Romper

I’m not sure I’ve received more compliments on an outfit in a long time, and it’s all thanks to this adorable One Shoulder Romper with Pockets. Usually, I stay away from one-pieces because I have a longer torso. But since the reviews on this romper were super great, I ordered a size medium. It fits perfectly and is super flatting and comfortable. The elastic on the back allows the clothing to be flattering,, not restrictive, and easy to move around in all day.

Short Sleeve T-Shirt Dress

This Short Sleeve Dress is not usually my style, but it turned out to be super flattering. Also, pockets on a dress are pretty hard to resist, in my opinion. The material is a very lightweight cotton that is almost cooling – especially great if you live in a warmer climate. I like that it’s super casual yet cute to throw on the go and won’t wrinkle throughout the day.

Clip On Strainer

This Clip On Strainer is probably one of my most used products in the kitchen. It is a simple clip-on colander that attaches to your pots or pans to easily strain out the liquid without making a mess or spilling hot water yourself. Works great in a variety of ways like washing fruit or draining pasta. Plus its dishwasher safe!

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I hope I was able to inspire your next Amazon purchase! Let me know if you have tried any of these must-have Amazon products in the comments! You can shop all items here:


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