amazon must haves 2022

Amazon Prime Day 2022 has arrived! I’ve curated some TOP favorites below for you to scroll through, section by section. Plus, I have specific pages you may want to browse through, including a dedicated small business page!

Also, you can sign up for a FREE TRIAL of Amazon Prime and cancel later if you want to take advantage of these or any Prime Day Deals you come across.

Amazon Prime Day is likened to Black Friday in that Items are on major sale from ALL categories. From electronics (even big-name brands) to household cleaning products (even name-brand batteries), you can save big bucks by taking advantage of these deals that are only happening July 12-13.

Some products have even deeper discounts with available coupons you can stack. You can check those out on the Amazon Coupons Page.

No matter who you’re shopping for, I hope you enjoy my Amazon Prime Day 2022 picks that I think would be great buys or gifts to give. I have many of these, while others I may be picking up this year. Of course, you can always just browse around the Amazon Prime Day main page to see the thousands of offerings too! Below are just some of my Amazon Prime Day picks.

Top Makeup, Skincare & Beauty Tool Picks

Below are some of my favorite makeup, skincare, and beauty tool picks from this year’s Amazon Prime Day sale!

I wanted to note a few specific brands that are having brand-wide sales. There are more, but since I pointed out specific products from these brands, I wanted to let you know!

Top Haircare & Hair Tool Picks

Below are my Amazon Prime Day hair care and hair tool selections!

Note: IGK Products are 20-30% off

Top Electronics, Home & Kitchen Picks

There are SO MANY amazing electronics deals to take advantage of right now, it’s impossible to narrow it down! If you’re in need of a laptop or tablet for a college student, a TV, security system, earbuds, or are planning to get electronics for the holidays, now is the time to grab it! Below are my top Electronics, Home & Kitchen picks from this year!

Top Fashion Picks

Below are some fashion picks that caught my eye!

Be sure to check out my Amazon Storefront for all kinds of tried and true Amazon recommendations of all types. There’s also a shortcut to all my Amazon Prime Day recs in one spot over there for easy quick shopping.

If you want to check out some more really fun Amazon recs, I share Amazon favorites on my YouTube channel regularly! Make sure you’re subscribed to my channel and have the notification bell set to “all” so you don’t miss my new uploads! -xo


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