Under Eye Dark Circles: 5 Causes You Should Know PLUS A Quick Concealer Hack

Under Eye Dark Circles: 5 Causes You Should Know PLUS A Quick Concealer Hack

Dark circles can be frustrating to deal with. When not corrected properly, under eye dark circles can make you appear tired when you’re not and affect your overall appearance. 

Knowing what causes dark undereye circles is half the battle. Here are five common causes of dark undereye circles: 

5 Causes of Dark Under Eye Circles You Should Know

 1. Stress and Fatigue

under eye causes

If dark circles under your eyes make you look tired and stressed, it could simply be due to lack of sleep or poor quality sleep. If you’re staying up late, or waking frequently throughout the night, extreme tiredness (even if you don’t feel it) can cause fluids to build up under your eyes. It can also cause your skin to become dull or pale, which causes the vessels and dark tissues under the skin to show.  

 2. Allergies

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Allergies are a common cause of dark circles. Often, they cause your eyes to turn red and swell. This inflammation, combined with rubbing itchy eyes, can increase dark circles. 

 3. Lack of water

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Most people don’t drink enough water throughout the day. Dehydration is one of the most commonly overlooked causes of many skin problems. Drinking adequate water isn’t only important for healthy skin, but it also helps your eyes. When you don’t drink enough, your eyes can appear dull, sunken, and the bones around them more prominent. Drink that H2O! 

 4. Age

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Not all causes are preventable. As you grow older and start to lose the fat and collagen needed for skin suppleness and elasticity, your skin becomes thinner. The under-eye area is one of the most noticeable places of this volume loss. When these components start to deplete, blood vessels under your eyes become more visible, darkening the area.

 5. Genetics

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Genetics is another main cause of dark circles that can’t be avoided. If your parents have dark circles, you may have to deal with them too! Genetic dark circles may be around from childhood and worsen with age.

QUICK HACK: Concealer Tip for Dark Circles

Here is a quick concealer tip if you’ve already applied your concealer, but your dark circles are still visible or you’re still seeing a shadow or an under-eye hollow (full video demo is below). 

  1. Take a small amount of a neutral or peach-toned concealer that is a few shades lighter than the one you already applied normally. Using a lighter shade creates an illusion of moving forward that makes the darkness recede.
  2. Dab it only where the shadowy or dark areas are. We’re not concealing under the entire area.
  3. Blend it out…making sure it stays only on those areas.

Once done, you will see a subtle lift and brightness, which is exactly what you need! Check out the demo here so that the next time you still feel tired after concealer, you know what to do!

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