Foundation Feature: Dior Backstage Foundation Review

Dior Backstage Face and Body Foundation

I absolutely love testing foundations. It’s what helped launch my YouTube channel and is how so many of you discovered both my channel and my blog. The time has come for me to do more single-product reviews here on the blog. What better way to start than with a Dior Foundation review? I had no idea how much I’d end up using Dior Backstage Foundation when I did my initial video review (attached at the end of this post) a year and a half ago.

Dior Backstage Face and Body Foundation was the first Dior Foundation I ever tried. Since that time, I’ve seen it in numerous makeup artist kits and listed in countless favorites lists. It was even Meghan Markle’s foundation on her wedding day.

If there’s one makeup item people are the super picky about, it’s foundation. There are so many variables that come into play to get it just right – the proper coverage level, the perfect finish, the right shade and a decent wear time, to name a few.

Stephanie holding the Dior Foundation

Now let’s take a look at the claims of this Dior Foundation to see how the specifics live up to those claims and who Dior Backstage Face and Body Foundation might work best for. You can also scroll to the bottom to see my initial video review.

A NOTE ABOUT MY SKIN TYPE & HOW I PREP/SET MY SKIN: I test foundations extensively for my high end foundation and drug store foundation reviews using different primers, application methods and powders. You can see my Top Foundations here. Because I have oily/combo skin and live in a hot/humid climate and am over 40, I almost always need a primer with my foundations and I always have to set with a translucent powder to control shine. Specific details as to which work best with particular foundations will be in the video reviews below the post or specified in the post if there is no video review. My default favorite primer that usually works with most foundations is Hourglass Mineral Veil. The powders I use to set that looks natural yet doesn’t accentuate lines are from Lancome, Stila and Nikkia Joy.

Pricing & Shade Range

Dior Backstage Foundation retails for $40 for 1.6oz. Since most foundations are 1oz., this is a detail I feel most reviewers overlook. The bottle looks just as compact as other foundation bottles, yet you get a lot more for your money than you think!

Dior Backstage Foundation 2.5N 2N Swatches

There are 40 shades of Dior Backstage Face and Body Foundation. I wear 2.5N. In the below pic and in my video review below, you can see the difference between 2.5N and 2N swatched. I have my foundation shade matches here on my blog if you’re curious about my shades in other foundations.

swatching the dior foundations on the back of hand
Dior Backstage Foundation Top: 2.5N | Bottom: 2N


I’m usually prefer foundations in a glass bottle with a pump. So I was a little bit taken aback by this high end foundation being housed in a plastic dropper bottle. But I grew to quickly appreciate the lightweight, travel friendly bottle. The soft matte plastic has a nice luxurious feel to it. And I love the fact that I have the option of tossing it in my travel bag with zero worries. The drawback is that the dropper can get a little messy and need wiping off periodically.


Dior Backstage Foundation is supposed to give a natural matte finish with medium buildable coverage. This Dior Foundation fuses with the skin to resist extreme conditions like workouts, water, high temperatures and humid environments. This is HUGE for someone like myself that lives in a super hot and humid climate!

It can also camouflage minor imperfections on the body and creates a flawless natural look both in real life and on camera.

Consistency & Application

For me, it’s not too thick or too thin…meaning that it’s slightly runny yet it doesn’t run all down the hand. It applies super easily and quickly. I love the fact that I have time to work with it before it sets. It also builds nicely where needed.

I’m usually a damp sponge girl when it comes to applying foundations. I find them to be quicker and give a natural finish. But with Dior Backstage foundation, I actually prefer to use my fingers, a brush or a dry sponge.

applying the Dior Backstage Foundation 2.5N to face

Dior Backstage Foundation is so incredibly seamless and blends in so effortlessly with the skin that I find I get a really quick application with my fingers. I massage it in almost like it’s a moisturizer. If I want more coverage than fingers gives, I’ll use a brush. I use a dry sponge if I want natural looking, quick coverage but more coverage than I’d get with a damp sponge.

Overall, I find Dior Backstage Face and Body Foundation to have very versatile application options.

Feel, Finish & Coverage

Dior Backstage Foundation feels extremely lightweight on my skin. In fact, it feels so lightweight that sometimes I forget that I’m wearing foundation!

post application face using the dior foundation

This is a true skinlike foundation that melds with the skin yet covers well. It’s kind of magical at how it blurs my imperfections and pores and covers the way it does.

I enjoy wearing it on light makeup days and building it up on dressier days. It never ever looks heavy. It just looks like I have beautifully even skin. It also looks great in photos!

with and without flash pictures of Stephanie using the dior foundation

I would say Dior Backstage has a chameleon finish. (Yes, I know that’s an odd thing to say!) When I wear my usual mattifying primers, the natural matte claim is spot on. I love that I have a gorgeous skinlike natural matte foundation in my foundation stash! Yet if I wear a hydrating primer underneath, I find it can take on the finish of that primer very well. So this foundation wears many finish hats!

I go into more detail with how I prime and set my foundations in my review below if you’re interested in that.


Dior Backstage Face and Body Foundation doesn’t break down on me even on the most humid of days. It touches up well if I happen to get shiny. I wears well and looks nice all day long.

12 hour check in on face of the dior foundation


There’s a lot to like about this foundation and just a couple of things to possibly not like.


  • Long wear
  • Skin like beautiful finish
  • Lightweight
  • Travel-friendly bottle
  • More product in the bottle than most other foundations on the market
  • Wide shade range
  • Customizable coverage & finish
  • Blends effortlessly
  • Quick application
  • Skin and pore blurring
  • Works for multiple skin types


  • A lot of high end foundations contain drying alcohol these days. Alcohol can have benefits for products but isn’tt always the best option for one’s skin. This is something you may want to consider. This is a personal choice and preference. If you alternate foundations, it may not be a big deal for you. But I wanted to note it.
  • If you’re one that doesn’t like to use primer or something to set your foundation (whether it’s powder or setting spray), you may not get as great of wear out of it.
  • The dropper can get messy and need wiping off periodically.

Overall, the Dior Backstage Foundation is one of my top favorite foundations for my over 40 oily/combo skin. It’s versatile for any occasion, wears well and gives me a skin-like, natural, matte finish when I pair it with my regular primers and powders. I adore it and reach for it often!

To see more detail along with wear testing, click the video below. Product links are below the video or you can click the option to watch in YouTube!

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  1. Susan Burgess
    December 28, 2021 / 4:32 pm

    Your review is great. Since I’m looking for a new foundation, the Dior Backstage sounds and looks lovely. It’s helpful to know that you have an oily combo skin type and live in a warm humid climate…so do I. Can’t wait to try it.

  2. Tessa Calanoc
    October 9, 2021 / 9:51 am

    Hi! What’s your foundation shade in nars for reference? 🙂

  3. Samantha Wiseman
    March 25, 2021 / 9:50 am

    I would love to know which primer and setting powder that you use with Dior Backstage Foundation. Our skin is very similar.

    • Christian.
      December 30, 2021 / 1:39 pm

      Thank you for posting your review.

  4. Lesley
    April 2, 2020 / 1:07 pm

    Hi Stephanie,
    With your help, I’ve revamped my make up routine, purchased the Dior Back Stage Foundation, updated my eye make up for hooded eyes and have purchased the pencil brush you recommended.
    With my 55th just under my belt, I think the change has done me well.
    Can’t wait to try the Pat McGrath concealer and the Armani eye tint next. I’m thankful that Sephora is still placing online orders.

  5. Louise Sharpy
    February 1, 2020 / 7:53 pm

    I am glad you did this review. I am on the hunt for another foundation. I am 58 (yes. Eeek) and it’s hard to find a good one ! Thanks for this ad you

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