Is There Help for Female Bladder Control?

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Bladder Control Prevalence

Over the past few years, I’ve talked with numerous women who have the frequent, urgent need to go or who experience occasional bladder leakage. I see commercials on TV that make it seem like all women have this issue once they reach a certain age. The thing that strikes me the most is how it’s talked about like it’s just a fact of life. Like it’s part of what happens after we have kids, are aging or menopausal. Many women shrug it off as if to say, “oh well, what can you do? It is what it is.”


The Reality

But the reality is that these frequent urges can be really inconvenient and embarrassing. Not knowing what will happen if you laugh, sneeze or work out is stressful and can quickly turn into an uncomfortable, frustrating situation.


Let’s take my friend. We’ll call her Kirsten. Kirsten is 48 and has had all of the above…frequent urges, leakage when she exercises, laughs, sneezes, etc. She says it basically started after the birth of her children and became worse as she got older. “The worst,” she says, “was the sleep. People talk about having to go frequently during the day. They talk about having a dribble here and there. But I’m never well rested because of my sleep being interrupted all night long. It’s awful!”

Is there help?

Kirsten has been taking AZO Bladder Control® with GoLess® for a couple of months now and has, for the first time in years, experienced symptom improvement. “I’m waking up less during the night. I never thought it would get better but it has!” How awesome is that? Her story was one of the reasons I decided to partner with Azo to help get the word out about this product. If it can help her, it’s certainly worth a shot, right?!

azo bladder control

AZO Bladder Control® with GoLess® is a drug-free product made from naturally-sourced pumpkin seed and soy germ extracts that helps tone your bladder muscles.* The end result? Around the clock bladder support.* It helps reduce the urge to go both morning and night so you can feel more rested and more confident.*


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AZO Bladder Control® is a trademark of DSM. Go Less® is a trademark of Frutarom.

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