Charlotte Tilbury Palette Comparison: What They Look Like On My Face

charlotte tilbury beauty glow palette review & swatches

This is a companion piece to my last blog post because I wanted to give you an idea of what each Charlotte Tilbury palette looks like on my face. For reference, my skin tone is light/medium and warm. I list my foundation shades in my video description boxes (I have one linked below the Beauty Glow Palette). Some foundation shades I wear: MAC NC25, NARS Fiji, ELDW Dawn. This might help some of you decide if palette is too subtle or too warm for you…or if all three Charlotte Tilbury Palettes might work in some way.

I reviewed, swatched and compared the shades of each Charlotte Tilbury palette in my last blog post. Hopefully it helps someone out there decide which palette to buy (or not buy)! If you missed that post, you can see it here.


charlotte tilbury natural beauty palette review & comparison
Charlotte Tilbury Natural Beauty Palette

I’ve heard the Charlotte Tilbury Natural Beauty Palette is too subtle for some skin tones. After playing with it a bit, I can definitely see that. My skin tone is between MAC NC25 and NC30, NARS Fiji and Punjab and ELDW Dawn and Rattan right now. I think this might be a bit too subtle for me if I were any darker than I am now. However, on my skin, this Charlotte Tilbury palette gives a lovely lit from within glow that’s perfect for any occasion.


The first two shades are very light. I set my primer with shade 1 or use it as a wash on the lid. I use shade 2 on my lids, browbone and inner corner and reach for the bronzer as a transition shade so I have some shading above my crease (to create some lift). Shade 3 is used to smoke out the outer corner of my lid and smudged along the lower lash line. I like this subtle look, but some may want more drama. For me, this is great for a casual weekend or for work.


Once applied, I find the highlighter and bronzer comparable to the shades in Filmstar Bronze & Glow. They both give a nice subtle look that gives more depth to the face.


I use her blushes in all the palettes the way they’re intended to be used. I swirl the muted soft warm coral/pink cheek swish all along my cheekbone area and then use the soft candy pink cheek pop on the tops of the apples of my cheeks. The hue of both blushes is gorgeous. But they’re both very subdued on my light/medium skin.

You can find Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette in Natural Beauty here.


charlotte tilbury beauty glow palette review & swatches
charlotte tilbury beauty glow palette review & swatches

This photo is what I used for my video review and demo of the Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Glow Palette. Though this is the warmest palette of the bunch, I think it could flatter many skin tones. There’s just something about a glowy look in the spring and summer that just works! I feel this Charlotte Tilbury palette could definitely work year round as well!


Until this palette came along, I hadn’t put shimmer from my lash to my browbone in years. But since Charlotte Tilbury’s shimmers give more of a sheen than a glittery/shimmery look, I find them to be extremely flattering.

I have no issues using shade 1 as a wash from lash to browbone as a wash of color.  If you didn’t want to use shimmer above the crease, you could always take a matte wash from lash to brow and apply shade 1 just on the lid. As usual, I use the bronzer as my transition shade. Sometimes I do this with shade 2, as I have no issues with the shimmers being too over the top in this palette. Other times, I place shade 2 just on the lid. Shade 3 is used to smoke out the outer 3rd of my lid and along the lower lashline (though sometimes I use the bronzer along the lower lashline). Sometimes I bring shade 3 into my crease as well.


The bronzer is a tad bit lighter than the bronzer in Natural Beauty. But it still applies nicely and gives a soft contour or bronzed look to my face. I find the highlighter to be a nice natural highlight.


Both blushes are highly pigmented in this palette. I have to use a loosely packed brush to apply the cheek swish because it’s so dark. This blush can get harsh looking pretty quickly so I usually use a duo fiber brush like my MAC 188 to apply. It’s small enough to dip into the pan and is the perfect brush for not applying too much pigment so it doesn’t look too dark or too harsh. Though it’s a deep shade, it does blend out nicely and adds to the glowy look this palette gives. I love the sheer pinkish coral cheek pop. It’s just beautiful!

You can find Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette in Beauty Glow here.


charlotte tilbury seductive beauty palette review
charlotte tilbury seductive beauty palette review & swatches

In my last blog post, I said I had feared the Charlotte Tilbury Seductive Beauty palette would be too shimmery and too cool for me since all of the shadows have shimmer. Instead, I found the shimmer to be more of a flattering sheen and the “cool” toned shadow to be just warm enough that it’s super flattering. The two blushes are my favorite of any palette and are quite warm toned!


I use the soft shimmery eye brighten shade 1 all over my lid from lash to brow. It looks natural, soft and lovely. It’s not overly shimmery the way I thought it would be at all! I still use the bronzer as my transition shade in and above the crease and along the lower lashline. Shade 2 is a silvered taupe that’s warmer than what I thought it would be. I use this on the lid and sometimes even take it into the crease. I like to apply this shade lightly for a daytime look and use a heavier hand for a smokier, more sultry look for nighttime. The smoke shade 3 is optional in this palette for me since shade 2 is so beautiful on its own. I use it to smoke out the outer third of my lid and sometimes take it slightly into the crease. For a more dramatic look, I smudge shade 2 or 3 along the outer 3rd or half of my lower lashline as well..

I thought having all shimmers would be a huge drawback for me. But I really love how they look on my eyes. I find these shadows flattering and lovely and not overly glimmery at all!


The bronzer in Seductive Beauty is deeper than in the other palettes. It has a red undertone and blends out beautifully. This bronzer also has more pigment than the others. I find that one quick, light tap of the brush is helpful here so as not to drop too much in one spot at once. I love that the highlighter is so different in this palette than in any of the others. It has a peachy golden hue and gives my face a nice luminescent look without being over the top.


The blushes in Seductive Beauty are both warm and muted yet vibrant. Yes I realize that’s a contradiction. But it seems to make sense here! The cheek swish is a beautiful pinkish coral with a lovely sheen to it while the cheek pop is a warm slightly deeper coral-pink. Together, they’re gorgeous on the face and give it vibrancy and glow while not looking overboard.

You can find Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette in Seductive Beauty here.


I’ve been asked if I have a favorite Charlotte Tilbury Palette. It’s hard for me to say. Since it’s summertime, I’ve been reaching for Beauty Glow a bit more than the other two. But I love the versatility of Seductive Beauty and the natural, effortless look that Natural Beauty gives as well. Which palette is your favorite?



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