Get Ready With Me! A Simplified Way To Look Polished!

grwm makeup tutorial easy

Today’s video is a GRWM Makeup Tutorial of sorts where I use mainly two products to achieve the eye and face color. Aside from using Nars Galapagos shadow to line and Cargo Tonga as a blush, I use Too Faced Chocolate Soleil and Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips for everything else! This GRWM is a nice, simplified look that requires almost no thought at all. It’s great for days when you don’t feel like coming up with a color combination from a palette yet want to look put together. I do this simple look sometimes for work or when I’m just running around. It looks polished but is a great go-to every day, simple look that’s easy and quick. And even though it’s extremely simple, it’s still elicited compliments from strangers. It always surprises me!

The video is below. Enjoy!



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