Armani Eye Tint Dupes?

Armani Eye Tint Dupes?

Armani Eye Tint Dupe

Random Thought

I wonder if we’ll have a day without rain again ever? It’s getting a bit old. 

Random Thought #2

I had an unsolicited brow comment today from the girl at the Starbucks drive-through window. 

I really like your eyebrows!

I admit I was a bit taken aback since I think my brows are quite ordinary and just maintain them as best as I can. She obviously sensed my confusion and said “they’re really pretty! Did you just get them done?” I informed her that I did them myself and kindly thanked her, beaming with brow pride as I drove off with my iced non-fat caramel latte. It’s the little things. 

eye shadows in bottle and jar form

Today I’m comparing Giorgio Armani Eye Tints to Maybelline Color Tattoos and Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Chromes to see if these will work for Armani Eye Tint Dupes. I purchased the latter two in my latest Ulta Haul (which I am linking below this paragraph). I elaborated a bit on how I thought Armani Cold Copper and Maybelline Eye Chrome in Beige Luster could be color dupes. I think all products have different attributes. 

My Last Ulta Haul
(skip to 4:08 for the color comparison)

Armani, How I Love Thee…

In a nutshell, I still love Armani Eye Tints. I’m on my 2nd tube of Cold Copper. It works so well on anyone and is just GORGEOUS. They give a gorgeous complex metallic finish that isn’t over the top and can be worn sheer or built up. They work well with other shadows and last all day without creasing and staying true to how they look upon initial application. They also feel good on the eye. These are my pick and well worth the money as I wear mine often. Cost: $39/.22 oz. 

Maybelline Color Tattoos

I also quite enjoyed the Maybelline Color Tattoos in the pot. Though a thicker, creamy consistency, they also blended easily and wore very well and stayed true to how they looked when first applied to the skin. They also worked well with other shadows and lasted all day without creasing. Cost: $9-10/.11 oz. (you need two of these to equal the same amount of one Armani Eye Tint) 

Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Chromes

My least favorite were the Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Chromes. They are thicker than the Armani. The applicator is slightly bulkier and pulls out more product in an uneven gloppy, messy way that makes them unable to be applied directly to the lid. I found I needed to use my finger or a brush to apply and they didn’t blend as easily. They also didn’t stay true upon dry down but became dry and almost scaly looking. Because of this texture, they didn’t work well with other shadows or with other eye chromes. Layering was impossible without things turning ugly. Cost: $7/.14 ox 

All of my thoughts and comparisons as well as swatches are in the video below. Thanks for watching! 


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