Affordable Beauty Spotlight: L’Oreal Midnight Serum

As we age, it becomes increasingly important to take care of our skin. But it can be difficult to find effective anti-aging skincare at an affordable price.

The L’Oreal Midnight Serum is formulated with an exclusive Antioxidant Recovery Complex and is intended for all skin tones and types, even sensitive skin.

Even though the word “midnight” is in the name, it can be used am and pm for max results. The serum works at night when the skin is most receptive to repair.

L’Oreal combines their powerful patented bitter orange antioxidant, Vitamin E, and Hyaluronic Acid to reveal millions of new cells for visibly smoother, firmer, more radiant skin.

My skin felt softer, smoother, and looked brighter within a few days! Plus, it absorbs quickly, isn’t sticky or greasy, is dermatologist tested, and doesn’t clog pores

After cleansing, I apply 2-3 drops on my dry skin, before any treatment products (if using them) and before moisturizing. That’s it! Easy peasy!

I like pairing the Midnight Serum with the L’Oreal Collagen Moisture Filler (Fragrance-Free) Day Cream. This is a great daytime moisturizer that has anti-aging benefits without being heavy.

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