How to Pack Your Travel Makeup Bag Perfectly

Yes, you can pack your travel makeup bag with everything you need for any occasion WITHOUT overpacking! Whether you’re flying or driving, these easy travel makeup tips will streamline your travel makeup bag so that you can get ready quicker and not play guessing games about that pesky TSA 1 quart plastic bag anymore.

I start out showing you how I efficiently pack everything I need for any type of look in a moderately sized makeup bag. Oh and if you’re curious about how to pack liquid foundation or other tricky TSA makeup items so they take up less room, I’ve got you covered.

I also go through systems I put in place that make for super easy travel makeup as well as items that live in my makeup bag all the time so I never have to think about packing them.

I show you which items go into a clear TSA 1 quart bag if you bring a carry on. This allows you to bring an even smaller travel makeup bag (which I show) in our carry on now that items have moved to the TSA toiletry bag.

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