10 Amazon Beauty products you need to check out!

Facial Smoothies

The product contains clear facial stickers that you place where you are most prone to creasing. The goal is to pull your skin taut so that the crease is flattened out. You then place the sticker on and go to bed – once you wake up, you remove the sticker!

Morphe Setting Mist

Just like the name says – it is a continuous setting mist and doesn’t contain much scent. I love that the product doesn’t run down when applying and provides an even application. It is extremely light, isn’t sticky, and my makeup lasts all day when I use it!

Scalp Massager

These are extremely comfortable when using – whether that’s in the shower or out. They are fantastic for scalp health by providing stimulation and exfoliation which is important for optimal hair growth.

Kiss Cluster Lashes

I love that I am able to achieve different looks by laying these lashes in different ways and the ease at which they apply. I also find they look less “false” or visible than the typical false lashes. If you’re nervous about applying false lashes, these Kiss Clusters would be a great place to start.

Gua Sha

I was having a particularly puffy day a few weeks ago, so I pulled out my Gua Sha and followed this tutorial! I feel like it truly helped to reshape my face that day and fight the puffiness I was experiencing, so I’ve gotten back into using this on a daily basis. I’ve seen a lot of improvement in lymphatic drainage, fine lines and overall smoothing.

Brush Cleaner

My brushes are incredibly clean after using it and they dry very quickly. With this product, I am able to reuse makeup brushes without ever leaving my makeup table. I highly recommend this product – especially if you’re someone who is really lazy about cleaning your makeup brushes.

Aquaphor Spray

The Aquaphor Spray is incredible for sealing in moisture. I typically spray this on after I’ve applied body lotion. Because it is a spray, the application is very even and you don’t deal with the mess that comes with using the ointment in the traditional tub

Ice Roller

This Ice Roller is fantastic and works great for TMJ and migraines. This roller easily separates from the handle so that you are just placing the roller piece into the freezer which takes up little space and keeps the handle from being really cold during use.

Zombie Pack Face Mask

This Zombie Pack Pore Tightening and Lifting Mask wrinkles up as it dries and makes you look like… you guessed it, a zombie. I noticed that my skin looks and feels more even and less red.

Nipple Covers

I loved the product so much, I had to include it in this round-up. Whether you’re wearing a backless top, unlined bra, crop top or whatever the case may be, this set of four reusable silicone nipple covers adhere well and rinse off easily.