5 Amazing Beauty Finds You’ll Love

I gathered a few of the best beauty finds from my January Favorites + Fails video I truly believe you are going to absolutely love. From highlighter to shadow to blush, these five products cover all of the bases and have become staples in my makeup routine. 

Pur x Nabela Palette

  • I have been reaching for this product quite a bit. The Pur x Nabela face palette has two blushes, two possible highlighters and three shadows! You could truly use any of these for shadows or face products if you wanted to. The quality of this palette is absolutely lovely, and the versatility you are able to gain from this one product is a major bonus. If you’re looking for a great lip color to go along with this palette, the Pur x Nabela creamy lip is a fantastic long-wearing formula that I find to be very flattering and comfortable. I am very picky about long-wear lip products because they can be very drying, uncomfortable and unflattering for vertical lip lines; however, I have been thoroughly enjoying this lip product and it has become one of my top recommended beauty finds.

Natasha Denona Mini Biba

  • I love it when I can get a full eye look from beginning to end from a single palette and not have to dip into anything else. I also love it when I am able to get a variety of looks from said palette, and it gets bonus points if the palette is small. The Natasha Denona Mini Biba checks every single box! I believe having a shade in the palette that is so great to use as a liner is what creates so much versatility and makes this palette so useful to me. I simply cannot seem to stop using this eyeshadow palette. Whether it’s for an amped up full out look or a simple one and done look, you truly cannot go wrong. The quality is fantastic, and I cannot say enough good things. If you’re looking for a palette that will give you amped up neutrals in a compact format, I would definitely check this product out. 

Tarte Face Palette

  • Tarte’s cream bronzer and blush palette from their Breezy Line maintains the fantastic quality I have talked about in their single cream products. The pigmentation is perfect – the product applies beautifully. Not to mention, the pigment lasts which is a must-have for me. This formula from Tarte is truly a no fail cream formula that is quick and easy to use. For me, it’s a no-brainer – value and quality! My only complaint is that there is not a second option for deeper skin tones. I hope that changes in the future, but for now, if you have light-medium to fair skin, you will really love this. 

It Cosmetics Superhero No-Tug Shadow Stick  

  • As I’ve said before, I love a good “one and done” eyeshadow product! It Cosmetics new Superhero No-Tug Shadow Stick (I grabbed shade Super Slate) is the traditional twist-up eyeshadow stick, and I love that I can scribble this on my eyelid and then blend out the edges with either my finger or a brush. These do not dry down and become unflattering over time, but maintain the look that you see when they are first applied. I went with the metallic shade option in order to see how shimmery the product truly was. The color is extremely flattering for most anyone and is very subtle (especially since you have the ability to really sheer it out or go more dramatic). The wearability is truly fantastic, and I have every intention of getting more shades from this launch.

NARS Afterglow Blush Palette

  • Sometimes, when new products come out and they’re launched as limited editions, you have to wonder why! Especially after you try them and they’re just so good and perfect for any season or skin tone. The NARS Afterglow Blush Palette is one of those products, and the perfect example of a cheek palette done right. The shades included in this palette are perfect for any skin tone – light to deep – and they’re also very unique! From a quintessential champagne pearl highlight to a gorgeous purple that really looks stunning when diffused out. The quality is truly incredible, and I am not sure how long it will be available, but I am so glad I have it. 

I hope you are able to get your hands on at least one of these beauty finds! I find myself reaching for them consistently throughout the week and find that the palettes easily replace several products making my routine much more simple. To see all of my beauty recommendations, visit my beauty page here!



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  2. Christianne Madona
    February 22, 2022 / 10:08 pm

    Hi Stephanie, I’m so happy I found you. I’m a NOLA native and I rarely get to hear from someone who deals with our humidity. We have a similar skin tone (I also have quite a bit of yellow in my light- medium complexion). I am closer to 60 in age however I’ve really enjoyed watching your YT videos. Looking forward to reading more about your skin care reviews and suggestions. Happy Mardi Gras!

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