8 Best Bronzers for Light to Medium Skin

various bronzers for light to medium skin

Warm weather is here! It’s that time of year when everyone wants to get their sunkissed glow on! Today I am sharing eight of the best bronzers for light/medium skin with you! At first I thought eight might be too many but I wanted to share some cream options as well as a couple of drugstore favorites that I love. These bronzers are perfect if you have a similar skin tone to me…light to medium with warm undertones, though most will work with any undertone.

If you think we have a similar skin tone, head over and check out my foundation and concealer matches as well!

bronzer swatch comparison. bronzers for light to medium skin tones. Marc Jacobs Tan-Tastic // No7 Golden Sand // RMS Buriti // BareMinerals Medium // Becca Capri Coast (top) // Becca Bronze Bondi (bottom) // Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer // The Balm Oliver // Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel
(L-R) Marc Jacobs Tan-Tastic // No7 Golden Sand // RMS Buriti // BareMinerals Medium // Becca Capri Coast (top) // Becca Bronze Bondi (bottom) // Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer // The Balm Oliver // Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel

Marc Jacobs Tan-tastic

I have a backup of Marc Jacobs Tan-Tastic in my drawer even though I haven’t even come close to hitting pan on my current Tan-Tastic. That’s how much I love it!

Marc Jacobs Tan-tastic was limited-edition the first time it launched. I passed on it the first time because it is really pricey. I thought “why on earth am I going to pay that much for a bronzer when I have others that can do the same thing?” I missed the boat but heard all the hype. So when it re-launched, I immediately grabbed it. And boy did I ever fall in love with it! I bought another one shortly after because I never want to be without this bronzer!

There is something simply magical about Tantastic. It’s not too warm or too cool. It’s just that perfect undertone. And it’s HUGE! There’s also a big mirror if you travel and want to use it as your mirror. You truly do a large amount of product for your money. (Note: the listed size on several sites was incorrect as 0.08 oz/2.5g which made it seem like you were getting a tiny amount of product. The actual size is 0.8 oz/25g. which is much larger than other bronzers out there!) Though it’s pricey, you are actually getting a great deal with this bronzer! Marc Jacobs Tan-Tastic is $49 for 0.8 oz.

No 7 Match Made

This next bronzer was in a video of mine recently called Drugstore Makeup Products As Good As High-End. The quality of the No 7 Match Made bronzer is fantastic. The shade Golden Sand is beautiful for my skin tone. If you’re looking for a drugstore bronzer that’s similar in quality to the Marc Jacobs bronzer above, this is a great option. The packaging is beautiful, it’s matte, silky and fragrance free. No 7 Match Made Bronzer is $12.99 for 0.35 oz and comes in three shades.

Bronzer swatches comparison for light to medium skin tone
Marc Jacobs Tan-Tastic, No7, RMS Buriti, BareMinerals, Becca Capri Coast, Becca Bronze Bondi, Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer
(L-R) Marc Jacobs Tan-Tastic // No7 Golden Sand // RMS Buriti // BareMinerals Medium // Becca Capri Coast // Becca Bronze Bondi // Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer

RMS Buriti Bronzer

RMS Buriti Bronzer is a cream product that has a bit of a shimmer to it. It applies easily and quickly with your fingers or a brush. I like to use a stippling brush after applying my foundation and before setting my makeup with powder. Because it has a slight red undertone, it gives a beautiful realistic, natural sunkissed glow to the skin. If you’re someone who enjoys cream products, you should check this out! And if you’re curious about trying cream products, this is a great one to start with since it’s so easy to use! It’s very compact if you want it for travel as well. RMS Buriti Bronzer is $28 for 0.20 oz.

BareMinerals Invisible Bronze

BareMinerals Invisible Bronze was actually recommended to me from a lot of you guys! I have to tell you up front that it’s being phased out and is being replaced by BareMinerals Endless Summer Bronzers which are also nice. But since these were in the video review and you may still be able to find them, I still want to tell you about them. These have a little bit of a sheen to them. I typically don’t like bronzers with a lot of shimmer to them. Since I have an oily t-zone, I don’t want my whole face to look like it has a layer of highlighter on it. Some bronzers do give you that look if they have shimmer mixed into them. I am in the shade medium. I love the silky texture and how it gives such a natural bronzed glow to the skin. If you like to look super natural with a subtle hint of glow, you would love this bronzer. I hate that they discontinued them. Let me know if you guys want more information on the new Endless Summer Bronzers which are also nice! BareMinerals Endless Summer Bronzers are $29 for 0.35 oz and come in two shades. BareMinerals Invisible Bronze Bronzers are $28 for 0.24 oz and are still available at Ulta in all three shades (as of 6/16/19).

Becca Sunlit Bronzer

I’m on my second Becca Sunlit Bronzer in Capri Coast. This shade gives that perfect summer beachy glow especially if you have light or light to medium skin. A little bit goes a long way. There is just something about this bronzer with it’s slight sheen that looks so flattering and beautiful on the skin. It’s effortless to use and in typical Becca fashion, the quality is top-notch. Capri Coast ranks up at the top with Marc Jacobs Tan-Tastic for me…it’s that good! The other shade I have is Bronzed Bondi which has a red undertone. I like using it in the heart of the summer and using Capri Coast, with its golden undertone, year round. Becca Sunlit Bronzer is $38 for 0.25 oz and comes in five shades.

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer is a staple for so many people for good reason. To me, it does smell kind of like summer. (Note: I don’t notice the scent after the bronzer is applied to the skin.) I have the light shade which works really well for me. I also think I would do well with the regular shade because of the blendability and subtlety of this bronzer. If you like bronzers that build, you would love this one! The texture is so silky and smooth, it’s hard to describe. I just love the way this looks on the skin. It’s a great drugstore product that shouldn’t be missed IF you are someone who doesn’t mind scent in your makeup. Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer is $15.99 for 0.38 oz and comes in six shades.

The Balm Take Home the Bronze

I feel like The Balm is an underrated brand overall. You just don’t hear a lot about them. Yet usually their products have great reviews. Plus their packaging is really cute too! I’m not sure why more people don’t talk about them. Take Home the Bronze in Oliver (mine is called Oskar…they renamed the shades several months ago) is a great neutral shade. Most of the time bronzers are warmer than contour shades. But every now and then you’ll find a gem that is neutral enough to use for both. So if you’re wanting a bronzer that can multi-task as a contour and a bronzer this is one that you should go for. You can use a heavier hand for contour and a lighter hand for bronzer. While it doesn’t feel very silky in the pan, it does apply very smoothly to the face and wears really well throughout the day If you haven’t tried The Balm, this would be a great place to start. The Balm Take Home the Bronze is around $17.50 for 0.25 oz and comes in three shades.

Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel

There’s a reason Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel always comes up in people’s favorites lists. This is a cream product that applies like a dream and gives a super natural, non-shimmery healthy glow to the skin. Plus you get a ton of product for your money. At 1.0 oz., it’s the size of a regular foundation. So the price point may seem high but it will last you forever! When I first bought it, I thought it might appear orangey on my skin. But it blends into the skin so naturally and seems to do so on so many different skin tones. I like to use a fluffy brush to buff it in circular motions. I just looks beautiful! This is one of those no- brainer products that so many people love because it’s pretty effortless to achieve a beautiful warm natural look.. Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel is $50.00 for 28g/1.0 oz and comes in one shade.

bronzer swatches light to medium skin
(RMS is cut off) BareMinerals // Becca // Physicians Formula // The Balm // Chanel

Bronzer Swatches

I feel like the swatches don’t do these justice because they look so different when they’re on the face. But I wanted to show a comparison of the undertones for you. I’d love to know what your favorite bronzer is or if you have a bronzer you’d like me to review!

To see more information and to see them in action, the full video is here!
8 best bronzers for light to medium skin. bronzer comparison.

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